Monday, March 13, 2017


On the road to success not many people talk about the challenges they’ve failed at along the way. They make success look very easy, but you never get to see how much they persisted and pushed forward despite the hurdles.
I’m no exception. In my road to success there have been many obstacles, and while giving my middle finger to those obstacles, I made a new friend.
That friend is a four letter word that has helped me to keep moving forward. Any time my engine stalled as a result of a failure, this one amazingly powerful word always managed to kick start my engine again.
The word is simple; it’s ‘NEXT’.
NEXT is a powerful, single word, mantra to employ when things don’t go the way you intend. (Although you can never not intend a thing that happens.) But when it feels that way, that is the word to use.
Learn to use this word often. Keep it in your arsenal. It will keep your moving forward and focussed on the future rather stuck on the past results and always using to hindsight to think about what else you could’ve done.
Hindsight is okay, but I believe that when it really comes to the crunch, and you face the same hurdles, you’ll make the right decisions.
Rather than looking back at the past, focus on the next event. Sure, you can evaluate and get feedback, but then to move on as quickly as possible, and in order do that say the word NEXT. While you’re saying NEXT picture in your mind how you would like the subsequent opportunity to go. Visualise what you’re going to do differently the next time an event occurs
If you get turned down for a job or business opportunity, say NEXT; if you get turned for a date, say NEXT; if you you lose a client, say NEXT!
If you focus on the failures of the past too much you’re more likely to repeat them.
“One often meets his/her destiny on the path to avoid it” – Master Oogway (Kung Fu Panda)
A female friend said something wonderful recently. She said “if you hold onto these things and don’t move on, you allow them to live rent-free in your mind” and she’s absolutely right.
When you say the word next suddenly your mind will become very clear; kind of like when your ring a meditation gong.
Welcome failures, don’t be afraid of them and if anything here’s another bonus mantra to add! Quite simply put add these words: BRING IT! "NEXT"!

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