Friday, August 24, 2018

Ways to Live With Purpose and Create an Abundant Successful Future

I keep my mind focused on peace, harmony, health, love and abundance…then thoughts of doubt and fear can no longer distract me. ~ Edith Armstrong

We’ve all made mistakes and had troubles and it’s hard to argue with the fact that sometimes we’re our own worst enemies.
Yet life’s challenges aren’t meant to stop us in our tracks, nor to encourage us to sell ourselves short. They’re designed to reveal our inner power, our deep purpose for being here and to support us in creating the abundant life available to us all.
Here’s a few ways you can move beyond the past, live with more purpose, create your abundant future and develop a whole new philosophy on success.
1. Don’t live life backwards
The old saying tells us to believe it when we see it. But how can progress ever be made if we’re stuck for with only what we see? The Wright brothers would never have flown. We’d never have the telephone, or smart phone if that was true. The truth is you’ll see it when you believe it. This is the way of all growth. Use that incredible power you have, your imagination and see yourself in that great relationship, see yourself being financially free, see yourself living the best life possible. That’s living life the right way.
2. Watch your inner conversations
The stories you tell yourself about your experiences and about yourself create the next experience; the next triumph or disaster. Remember, whatever you have in your mind you’ll see it in your life. Tell yourself you are a unique, awesome creation and your experiences will reflect that. Tell yourself how useless you are, how hard life is and you’ll experience that. You’re here to experience the wonder of life, and enjoy yourself while you’re at it. Begin to celebrate yourself and the world will celebrate right along with you.
3. Take one step forward
If you just put one foot in front of the other you’ll arrive at new exhilarating places, meet new and fascinating people and take new and greater actions. All this because you chose not to sit at the starting point. And when the journey is over and you reach your goal or your wishes are fulfilled you’ll wonder why on earth you worried so much, doubted so often and took so long to get down to what you knew you needed to do.
4. Hold on to hope
When things don’t turn out the way you wanted, try saying to yourself, “Something wonderful will come out of this”. And believe it. Someday everything will fall into place. Amazing things tend to happen at the very moment you’re about to give up hope. Be the dreamer of improbable dreams because even though it might not seem like it now, the thing you never got might just be the best thing that never happened. Yes, I speak from experience. :-) Allow for your rainbow to shine through the storm. Allow for something wonderful to happen.
5. Mediate for others
We can’t fix anyone’s life. What we can do is share, care, love, hug, listen and support. And we can use our greatest gift on behalf of others, our imagination.
Imagination is where all progress begins, it’s the gateway to reality and an awesome force that can be used on behalf of others. In your mind’s eye see them as their happiest self, their successful self. See them as being and having what they would want to be and have. Refuse to accept anything but the best for them. Mediate with the unlimited Universe on their behalf and if they’re not in the state of consciousness to accept the good things you’ve imagined for them, they’ll land right on your doorstep. You’ll receive the reward of your kindness to another.
6. Speak up
One of the biggest challenges I see in relationships is poor communication, especially where one person expects the other to be a mind reader. Newsflash. None of us (as far as I know) has that ability. You have to tell people what you want. If you’re feeling resentment, speak up. If you’re feeling left out, speak up. If you feel you’re not being heard, speak up. Share your deepest wishes, your deepest needs. Tell others what’s on your mind. It’s that simple.
To live with purpose and create abundance we need to maintain healthy boundaries. Empathise with whatever someone’s going through but don’t accept toxic behaviour.
It’s not ok when someone curses you out, it’s not okay when people are unnecessarily rude, it’s not ok to be demeaned.
Don’t give anyone the power to rob you of your inner peace.
Put your foot down.
8. Light that match
Sometimes you just have to light the match and burn the bridges to the past. It doesn’t really matter who you used to be, or what you used to do. The energy you’re wasting on re-living what’s gone and done could be better used to create your fabulous future.
Remember the past no longer exists, except in your memory. Don’t allow the misery of yesterday to steal the happiness of today. The past can’t define you, unless you let it. Make today the most wonderful amazing day possible because your future depends on it.
9. Never say never
After my husband died I told myself that was it for me. I’d had more love than most people get in a lifetime and I lived there, in my past experiences. Until one day I woke up and said “Hold on, why not? Why not something even more wonderful. There’s no limits to wonderfulness. And here I am today in the greatest relationship I’ve ever known. Allow yourself the pleasure of saying yes to life and life will almost certainly say yes right back.
10. Stop caring
Not about the important things in life, but those little niggling events that don’t really matter in the long run. Stop caring if someone gets into the lane ahead of you in traffic. Stop caring if you have to change your plans, tomorrow is another day. Stop caring if someone doesn’t respond to you in the way you want. Let go of your minor annoyances and enjoy the freedom of being in control of how you feel.
11. Spiritually speaking
Your consciousness is creating your reality. The arrangement of your thoughts is creating your reality. And your mind is always arranged with the thoughts of what you believe to be true and who you believe you are.
If you can’t or won’t believe that you are designed to prosper in every way then you’ll remain who you are and have what you currently have in life.
Don’t accept this. You are worthy of living a great life.
Rise to the challenge of bringing your fresh and exciting future into being. Rise above your old beliefs so you can live an awesome, purposeful, abundant life.
Use the keys of desire, imagination, and a steady attention on the desire you wish to have fulfilled. This is the way to your abundant future and purposeful life.
Have you ever felt frozen in your tracks and had a hard time living with purpose?
Whether in business or life?

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See You At The Top,
Joseph Montes

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