Sunday, April 17, 2016

Broke Doesn’t Mean Dead: A Few Ways To Start a New Life

If you are broke, unhappy with your life, and completely dissatisfied with your job, it can seems as if you are in a hopeless position. Your feels as though you cannot make a change because of your financial situation, so you feel absolutely helpless. Even worse, the build of stress and depression can blind you to any opportunities that do exist for you.
Here’s some good news. Things are not hopeless, and you can make a change. No matter what your situation is, you can start a new life. Here are a few steps that you can take to accomplish this goal.

1. Self-Examination
Before you do anything else, it is a good idea to examine yourself and your current situation. The purpose of this is to determine several things. For example:
What are the factors in your current life that are causing you problems?
Will rebooting your life fix these problems, or simply put them on delay?
Are there things you can fix or change without having to take such an extreme step?
What problems in your life are caused by your own flaws or deficits, and how will you ensure that you want cause yourself the same issues in your new, rebooted life?
Has anything happened recently that might make this an emotional decision instead of a rational decision?
What do you want to leave behind in your old life?
What do you want to gain in your new life?
Once you answer these questions, you should be able to determine if your best strategy is to make things work as they are, or if you should move on to making some major life changes.
2. Identify What Needs to Change in You
One of the most difficult things about rebooting your life is the fact that you cannot force anybody else to change. You can only change yourself, and your expectations of others. One thing that you can do to help yourself determine what needs to change is to complete the following sentences:
If I could change one thing about my approach to romantic relationships I would…
If there was a habit I could break it would be…
If I could make one change in my financial situation it would be…
I would be a better employee if I…
3. Determine What Your New Life Will Look Like
Now is the time to determine the type of life you would like to have. Keep in mind, that this isn’t the plan to get there, it is simply your vision of the life you would like to have. Don’t be afraid to think big. Where would you like to live? What, if any will be the state of your romantic relationships? Where will you work? How will you spend your leisure time? Don’t be afraid to think big.
4. Make a List of The Steps You Need to Take to Change Your Life
You know what you want your life to look like. Now, how do you get there. It is time to write out the specific actions you must take to reach your goal. These will vary from person to person. Here are a few that may fit the bill for many:
Opening up a bank account
Finishing a college degree
Applying for new jobs
Putting a home up for sale
Updating job skills
Joining a gym or starting an exercise/diet plan
Reconnecting with friends and relatives
5. Prioritize the Steps You Need to Take
The first step that you should take, is the first step that will bring you some noticeable results. This is very important if you are broke, broken, and simply not feeling very hopeful. Consider the list above. Something as simple as opening a new bank account can be absolutely empowering, and it can create a lot of hope without taking a lot of time or effort. Applying for job is also a fairly easy task to perform that will generate change and confidence almost immediately.
The longer and more complex steps can go towards the bottom of your list. These often require more time to commit, or they require assistance from others. Remember the point is to build up motivation instead of stress.
6. Taking The First Steps
The last thing to do, is the most difficult thing to do. You have to take action. This can be extremely stressful, however it is worth it and necessary to achieve the life that you want. If you find that you have a fear of change that is causing you a bit of paralysis, try getting a supportive friend or family member on board with you. They can help to propel you forward when you feel stuck.

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