Wednesday, April 20, 2016


What are the things that hold you back in life? I bet you can name them immediately. Maybe it’s one thing or person that is weighing your energy down, like a ball and chain locked tight around your ankle. Maybe it’s your job or your boss, your relationship or your mother. Whatever it is, take a moment to ponder how you would feel if this weight was lifted and you felt total and complete peace with this person or situation. Close your eyes and visualize someone handing you a key to the lock around your ankle. You remove the lock and surges of freedom and peace begin to fill your being. You take a deep, cleansing, refreshing breath and smile…
This can be your reality. You deserve to feel the freedom and peace that you desire. Yes, it is scary to face our fears and sometimes it just feels uncomfortably comfortable to just stay right where we are.
Yet another daunting demon is our fear of the unknown. How will I survive without this person? How can I leave my job if I need the money? Meanwhile the fear is holding us hostage, stealing from us our freedom and happiness.
We’ve even been conditioned to believe that we are selfish if our decision to make a change affects others. In exchange for this appeasing of others, we are sacrificing our own God-given right to live a happy, whole and fulfilled life.
So, what stands in your way? What are the reasons you stay trapped in unhappiness dragging that ball and chain? How long have you been doing this? Is this what you would teach your son or daughter?
It is time now to put an end to your suffering. It is not okay to live a life of complacency any longer. The time to make a change is now.
Connect with your light, your source and declare today that you deserve a life full of love, happiness, freedom and creativity.
It’s time to look fear in the face and extinguish its darkness with your bright light!
I am not telling you to leave your job without another one lined up, or to cut off all ties with your mother forevermore. But, maybe there’s a hidden passion or talent you have that has lain dormant from lack of use all of these years. Or maybe it’s time for an honest conversation with mom about boundaries or her unsolicited criticism.
Just begin to crack the shell. Make a move, try something new to shake up the routine. You cannot expect change unless you do something different.
Practice cultivating the feeling of peace and freedom that change would bring into your life. Allow yourself the permission to immerse yourself in these uplifting and liberating feelings.
Know that you are worth it. Your life is waiting for you.
“If you change yourself you will change your world.” ~Mahatma Gandhi
What is the thing that you wish to change?

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